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Shared Vision Executives On Why Your Comfort Zone is Dangerous

“The best advice I’ve gotten ever is to always stay open and try new things. Whether it was the smallest thing ever, for example getting a different flavored coffee in the morning. The truth is, with comfort zones we get so caught up to an everyday routine and comfortability, that we fear change. Thus this changes us in a way where we no longer chase dreams because they scare us,” says the CEO of Shared Vision Executives, Mike Heldman. At Shared Vision Executives, we believe that comfort zones lead to individuals being close-minded and stubborn, this makes people into individuals that aren’t interested in any kind of change or new thing. They hate new things and don’t want to budge from what they believe. We understand that fear plays a huge part in comfort zones but we have to stress that there’s so much out there we don’t know and it only starts by us trying to make the first step to see. 


“Let’s think about this. Would you rather be one of those individuals that’s always trying new things and getting to know yourself in a different level. Experiencing life as it comes by and challenging your perspective on everything? Or would you rather be someone who is just stuck in their way, doesn’t like change and doesn’t care about progressing forward? In order to progress forward, change is extremely necessary. At Shared Vision Executives, our representatives constantly challenge their every routine at work and personal places to make sure they are becoming better and better. The only person you should try to be better than is YOU,” states Shared Vision Executives. The number one thing we can tell individuals is to live, breath and change. 


There are 24 hours in a day, take each minute to appreciate that you’re alive and well. Yes, it sounds a bit cliche to say “hey, step out your comfort zone” but it’s true. In order to progress in your career, expand your mind and become a well-rounded individual change is necessary. Comfort zones are a dangerous place — once you’re there it is so difficult to get out. But trust us take the leap to try something new at least once a day. It doesn’t matter what it is but make sure you’re learning everyday and growing everyday into a better person. As we mentioned, the only person you should be better than is YOU yesterday. 

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