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Shared Vision Executives Shares Advantages of a Lively Company Culture

“Work culture and environment have always been about being efficient and productive. It’s difficult to believe that work can be done while having a lively, outgoing environment. At Shared Vision Executives we believe that ‘work hard, play hard’ is essential to life and it’s what makes our team members want to be at our firm,” says Mike Heldman, CEO. Research indicates that workers that have positive benefits and a fun environment at work are more likely to be productive rather than those companies with the environment of just ‘focus and work.’ Some database articles even reveal that companies consistently get higher marks for just the factor of ‘fun.’ Studies also portray that it’s not hard to make a company culture fun; it’s actually quite inexpensive and a savvy way to make sure your environment is doing well. “At Shared Vision Executives, when we mean a ‘fun’ company culture, we basically mean that through positive energy. It’s energy that is cultivated through activities and good vibes,” says Shared Vision Executives’ CEO. 


We did our own research and noted a couple factors that have helped us gain an advantage when it comes to company culture. For once notion, it has enhanced productivity and made learning better. “A lively, fun work place has the tendency to create a learning curve and produce efficient productivity without the burnout that workers face that other companies. By having simple things such as stress balls, or a mini game room you’re letting workers have an outlet, therefore creating a fun environment,” says Shared Vision Executives. Another great factor of a great company culture is that it builds trust and communication. By keeping the environment as open and positive, you’re allowing the factor of fear of lessen down. Respect takes the place of fear for the business owner and those that laugh together build a bond together. At Shared Vision Executives, you will see our CEO and team members have a good laugh from time to time, this is what creates connection and approachability. 


Once you have been around a fun company culture, it’ll be hard to get out of it. It creates a lifelong effect that’s felt by everyone around the firm even the clients. The vibes and everything about your office become likable. The best thing to remind yourself is that you can’t expect the world of your workers if you don’t give them something to be happy or smile about at work. “That’s what we believe in at Shared Vision Executives and in short our company culture has cultivated the perfect flow and we’re very proud of it!” says Mike Heldman. 

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