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Michael Heldman has an extensive history working in the corporate world. He started his career in the Information Technology field spending over 15 years as a Systems Administrator and Network Engineer. It was this beginning that saw him working side-by-side with industry leaders and peers from financial institutes to law firms and companies of all sizes. Michael has remained informed and involved with every technological advancement in some capacity for the past decade and a half. Beginning his career during the technology revolution has given him an advantage compared to most CEOs. He uses new technology for a strategic advantage whereas other CEOs live in fear of the unknown. Stepping into the world of Marketing was a natural transition for Michael. Marketing is broken down to its core into three categories (numbers, technology, and personalities). The first two categories were already mastered through education and experience while the third was easily conquered with extensive exposure.

Born and raised in New Jersey with deep family roots all around the metropolitan area, Michael is looking forward to the ever-changing landscape of our immediate area and what that means to our industry. The Tri-State area is rapidly evolving into the major business market to be involved with. An animal friendly enthusiast and environmental minded individual. A multi-sport star during his upbringing gave him his competitive spirit and knowledge of how to win in any scenario.

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