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Shared Vision Executives Discuss Importance of a Life Long Student Mentality

Mike Heldman, CEO of Shared Vision Executives, states “making an effort to constantly better your skill set and learning, acquire new knowledge separates successful individuals from average ones. A student mentality is important because you’re always aware that there’s something out there you need to learn to better yourself.” 


According to an article, “8 Ways A Student Mentality Breeds Success” the writer talks about different ways that it’s beneficial to maintain this type of mindset. Some of the key factors having a student mentality provides is: Teaches to listen, Focus Growth, Compete, and open-mindedness. The author says, “Students have a hunger for information and a drive toward personal development that people often lose as they move ahead in their careers. A student mentality challenges people to set the bar higher. It pushes them to perform at their best and continue redefining what their best might be. Students are constantly learning and applying new skills, maintaining a student mentality urges employees to keep their abilities and knowledge finely tuned and up to date with industry trends. This may mean learning new software, attending seminars, or taking online training courses.”


At Shared Vision Executives, we encourage any of kind of factor that shows the benefits of having a student mentality. Last but not least, the article states, “Workers who maintain a student mentality don’t assume they already know everything. They understand that useful new ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. By staying open to innovative thinking, and constantly striving to learn more and improve, employees who think of themselves as lifelong students have the kind of forward thinking that helps organizations reach their goals and beyond.”

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