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Shared Vision Executives Reviews How Networking Makes You a Valuable Player in The Game

We have all been told that in the business world networking is crucial. “Networking needs be approached as and taken as your responsibility. It’s something that individuals should prioritize because in doing so it will tremendously help you,” mentions Mike Heldman, CEO of Shared Vision Executives. It’s often said that building networks is the key to success, but just how so? It’s not just the contacts or connections you gain that can help you get to places. “It’s the actual experience of stepping out your comfort zone, doing what terrifies you, and using it as an opportunity to better yourself,” says Shared Vision Executives. It’s a key factor in business leaders that they must be confident and well-spoken. We realize that timidness and shy attributes are carried by a vast majority of individuals, but just stepping out of your comfort zone and speaking with someone new will help an enormous amount. 

Networking smartly gives the opportunity to find yourself and what you need instead of what others can give you. Yes, others will give you a path to build your route upon, however you must carry that path really well by positivity, confidence and associating yourself with being an individual that never quits. These factors are valuable once you learn the inner working of networking. “For example, when you meet a new individual in the business place — exchange ideas, tell them what you think and see if you can impress the other person. It’s important to receive criticism and advice because it makes you a stronger and confident player in the game,” mentions Mike Heldman of Shared Vision Executives. 

Using this as an opportunity to learn, in that moment you will have shown this other person your willingness to broaden your mind and learn new things. This makes all the difference because most individuals are stuck in their ways and don’t progress. But progression is why people network, and its important because that will lead the way for you professionally and personally. “Alternatively, offering your own ideas to someone else will help also, and it’s an excellent way to build your reputation and portray yourself as an innovative and inquisitive thinker,” says Shared Vision Executives. 

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