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Shared Vision Executives Discusses 4 Qualities That Make A Great Leader

Shared Vision Executives prides itself on being an energetic sales and marketing force in the Vancouver area. We invest in people, our workers, and utilize our expertise in areas that help other clients and companies. That being said, we do this with the help of great leadership qualities around us. It is necessary for a company owner to have leadership qualities that portray they want to make it far. However, they also want to make sure their team goes far. It all starts with a great idea, excellent team, and qualities as a whole.


Mike Heldman, CEO of Shared Vision Executives says, “Great leadership comes from inspiring others to reach their potential.” There are many ways to be a great leader and carry out the success of your team. Natural leadership doesn’t develop overnight — it’s a process that builds an individual over time and experience:


1.) Confidence – Why do people believe in you, or follow you? It’s because you hold yourself up a certain way and portray it. Everyone’s favorite athlete, Michael Jordan said, “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” This is what drove Jordan’s confidence. That “make it happen” attitude, it’s what drives confidence and makes a great quality for leadership.

2.) Decisiveness – No one wants to listen to someone who cannot make solid decisions. Even if that decision has a slight risk, a good leader knows when to make one. “Once you have made a decision, believe in it and have confidence that it will follow through to its goal,” says Mike Heldman of Shared Vision Executives.

3.) Persistence – Napoleon Hill had stated, “Patience persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” Great leaders are known for their persistence. Their mindset shows: even if you fail, you have to try again.

4.) Communication – mentions that communication is one of the must-have qualities of a leader. “If people aren’t aware of your expectations, and they fall short, it’s really your fault for not expressing it to them. The people I work with are in constant communication, probably to a fault. But communication is a balancing act. You might have a specific want or need, but it’s super important to treat work as a collaboration. We always want people to tell us their thoughts and ideas—that’s why we have all these very talented people working with us” (Sandra Carreon – John, senior vice president, M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment). Ultimately in doing so, this creates a great team system.


Shared Vision Executives values these 4 traits and leadership qualities. Therefore, even if you don’t consider yourself a leader, these qualities are sure to make you one or will help you as you grow! 


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